Quick Time Saver:

Make a list of the things that bug you at home (such as loose drawers or missing handles) and a shopping list of what you need to fix them. Then the next time you're out and about, buy what you need at the hardware store so you can deal with them once and for all.









Property Concierge Services

As a Property Developer wouldn’t you love to have the bulk of your apartments sold before completion date?  By offering property concierge services as part of the new development, not only will it give you a competitive edge over other property developers, but it will also help raise awareness about your Company, thereby increasing your reputation as a leader in the industry.

Property concierge services, whether it be for the tenants of an office building or the residents/owners of an apartment building, can be customised to cater to the specific needs of each building.  For pet-friendly buildings, daily walks/visits can be provided for your pets.

Property concierge services can be offered as a lobby service or a virtual service or a combination of both.  A plus of the lobby service is the added security of having someone onsite in the absence of a property manager. 

Property concierge services provide tenants/residents with an enviable lifestyle as some of the everyday tasks on offer include:-

  • on-site reception services
  • waiting for repairmen
  • package receipt and delivery services
  • restaurant reservations, golf, tennis or gym reservations
  • dry-cleaning drop-off & pick-up
  • shopping services
  • flower deliveries
  • pet walking
  • appointment reminders
  • administrative services
  • travel arrangements.