Quick Time Saver:

Make a list of the things that bug you at home (such as loose drawers or missing handles) and a shopping list of what you need to fix them. Then the next time you're out and about, buy what you need at the hardware store so you can deal with them once and for all.










No time to find a new home, let alone move ?

Whether relocating overseas, interstate or around the corner - moving is time consuming and often stressful. 

Anew Lifestyle offers a complete, personalised service to assist individuals, couples, busy executives and their families with programmes tailored to the client's needs with a minimum of stress and effort. As the success of your relocation experience is vital to our growth and development you can be assured of our total committment, attention to detail and a highly-personalised hands-on service.

Anew Lifestyle will be there to assist with all relocating details before, during and after the move :
  • assist with early planning of move
  • liaise with Real Estate Agents 
  • organise and sort items no longer needed and sell or give away
  • consider whether storage is required 
  • obtain packing boxes
  • book professional cleaners if required
  • organise quotes from professional removalists
  • arrange disconnection of utilities
  • cancel local arrangements such as newspapers, cleaners, gardeners
  • introduction to our Buyers Agent
  • laise with Customs / Removalist for international relocations  
  • organise a familiarisation tour of local area and facilities
  • research quotes on house insurance
  • assist with packing and/or un-packing 
  • research appropriate schools and set up appointments
  • research pet rules & regulations in your new area
  • organise mail redirection and send out change of address notifications
  • organise phone and utility connections
  • assistance with updating driver licence and registration details
  • book temporary accommodation if required
  • airport pick-up
  • handyman services - electrical, picture hanging, re-assembling of furniture